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About Us

HEALTH SEED LIFESTYLE LLP was established in year 2013. It comes about from own personal experience – “swallowing hard pills problem”.  It took 2 years of intensive hard work, research and collaboration with one of the top nutritionist cum doctor to formulate liquid supplements, using only natural ingredients with no preservatives or alcohol. A measured amount gives exactly the right balance of each vitamin and mineral.

Health Seed Lifestyle products have a smooth and fruity taste which are tastier and easier to swallow and digest. Thus solving the “‘swallowing hard pills problem”. Mission accomplished!

Generally, children and the elderly find swallowing hard pills difficult, but a spoonful of pleasant tasting liquid is easy to take. The liquid supplements have got no such problem. Everyone can take them. Liquids are simpler for the body to digest and are easily absorbed into the digestive tract.

With its smooth and fruity taste, Health Seed Lifestyle marked its name in the market.

The Slogan – “Sprouting Wellness & Goodness”

Health Seed Lifestyle believes that healthy body begins from the inside. A healthy body + healthy mind = Happy Life

We believe in encouraging people to make their health an everyday priority, rather than waiting until it suffers to take action. We believe that conventional approaches to health can always be improved upon. Most importantly, we believe in “Sprouting Wellness and Goodness”.

Take time out, every day, to appreciate all the great things about life.

Our Vision

Grow and be the largest nutraceutical retailer globally

Our Mission

Build global presence, develop people, promote health

Our Core Values

Open to Possibilities – By embracing diversity, seeking new approaches & striving for continuous improvement

Build trusting relationships – honesty with colleagues, customers & business associates


Making a Difference – By leading with integrity & determination to have a positive impact on everything we do.

Commit to engagement – deliver personal best & show pride in who we are and what we do

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