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Delivery and returns

Your package:

Your orders will directly be processed once our customer service officer has contacted you to confirm the delivery timing. Delivery charges are free of charge if the customer purchases a total amount of $30.00 and above. However, if the customer wishes to only purchase a bottle or two that equates to a total amount of less than $30.00, the customer will be needed to pay an extra $5 to the total amount of purchase.

CBD area extra charge:

In any case that the assigned delivery address is in a CBD area, the customer has to pay an additional charge of $3.

Refunds/returns/extra charges:

If the customer happens to receive the wrong product as what has stated on the invoice, please inform our customer service officers and they will rearrange for another delivery to your house on the next delivery session of the same timing 6pm to 10pm.

Customers do not have to pay an additional charge of $5 unless if they are not at home to receive their order, at the arranged discussed timing.

For more enquiries about our terms and conditions, please contact our line at 6742 5100.

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