The Hype: Hypertension Confusion

Every 1 in 4 Singaporeans aged 30 to 69 years old is affected by one of the most dreadful diseases one could ever think of Hypertension.

This illness has become so fairly common to our heartlanders that when the topic arises, we completely disregard the symptoms and the effects that it could possibly leave us with. Even though the government has provided us with numerous informative talks to educate the nation about Hypertension, we seemed to be ignoring the main problem that starts from within ourselves. Before Health Seed Lifestyle unravels the real treasures of organic superfood consumption that can help with Hypertension, we need to go over the facts that made Hypertension one of the most unbearable diseases one could have.

Here is a list of what this deadly disease could affect:

  1. Damage to the heart: Other than damaging the heart muscle tissue, Hypertension is one of the main silent killers of Heart attacks. It could happen anytime anywhere and at any stages.
  2. Our sight: Losing our sight will always take a toll on our lives, it affects our work performance, it robs us off a part of our capabilities and independence.
  3. Brain: Blocked arteries cause blood clots in our brain and sometimes, complications like this can cause bleeding. Even if these two effects are not prominent, it will cause the patient to have a stroke.
  4. Kidney damage: Since the blood vessels are blocked due to the saturated fats that have surrounded the passageway, blood couldn’t pass throughout the whole body and especially not to the kidneys for it to be cleansed. This will cause a major damage to kidneys when blood is passed through smoothly. Damage to the kidney can cause kidney failure and will ultimately, you will need to go through a series of dialysis.
  5. Blocked vessels: There is no doubt that Hypertension and high Cholesterol are linked. When you have High Cholesterol, saturated fats will start to get collected around the walls of your arteries, causing complication for blood flow and therefore, affect all the other things that we call Hypertension.

Hypertension is taking over our lives, it’s affecting the heartlanders as young as 30 years old. We shouldn’t take this topic lightly, a few complications can add up to a bigger one and ultimately, the sad news is: Hypertension can cause sudden death. Let’s be aware of our lifestyle, no matter how young or old we are, we need to have a checkup every now and then. Get yours checked today.

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