The easiest guide to a healthy lifestyle

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You’ve probably been in that phase where you really want to start a healthy lifestyle but it just never happen or you probably didn’t even had the time or chance to kickstart it. Thinking that what defines a healthy lifestyle are all just greens on your dinner plate, go to the gym every morning or maybe even jog for a bit after work. Let us tell you, the good part about kickstarting this tedious journey aren’t at all like that and definitely, not a great idea to start with a whole chunk of healthy lifestyle to-do list in just a day.

You don’t have to start big, start small but you have to start today.

So how do we actually start the journey? Here are 5 tips on how to kickstart the journey!

  1. Start your day with a positive mind: A healthy body needs to start with a healthy mind and a healthy mind and soul blooms from positive thoughts. Not only that it can change your mood, it will also affect how the whole day will be like.
  2. A light breakfast: Always rushing to work? Grabbing coffee on your way there? You don’t have to have a scrumptious bowl of salad with creamy soft scrambled eggs on the side. Ditch the coffee for a fresh cup of orange juice instead and don’t forget to pack some dates as well! If that’s too much, at least have two tablespoons of our Jus Sunnah!
  3. Take the stairs instead: Sometimes waiting for the lift can take a few minutes and a few minutes feels like a lot when you are rushing, take the stairs instead! You don’t even have to squeeze in with others if you take the stairs.
  4. Lose a few pounds: You get hungry all the time? No worries, now you can eat as frequently as you want, but always in moderation or in little servings. Aside from that, check out our Jus Slim, it helps with those trying to watch the calories!
  5. Balance it out: A healthy lifestyle is all about keeping things in balance, we find that the true way in keeping your zen in life is by making sure that you are consistent. Even if you have your bad days and you just don’t feel like anything’s worth it, always remember that you are capable of taking charge and part of happiness comes from a healthy life.

Put on a smile and start your day right, a healthy lifestyle must be through holistically. Health Seed Lifestyle believes in you and we know you can do it!

Try out these few tips and tell us what you think of it! Comment, like and share!

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