Wednesday Wellness: Kidney Damage

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In this episode of Wednesday Wellness, Health Seed Lifestyle unravels another confusion. Kidney diseases consist of a lot; we have the kidney failure, kidney stone, Gallstone, cancer and much more, but for today’s special episode, we are going to focus on just a topic that many doesn’t really understand about: THE KIDNEY FAILURE.


Before we dive right into the stages of Kidney disease, let’s try to understand the basics of it. I’m sure most of you know that generally, our kidneys help to regulate the blood circulation and cleanse the blood in our body. That’s true, but in actual fact, our kidneys do a lot more than we think they do.


For instance, our kidneys work all the time – 24/7 – with no rest at all. They filter waste from the blood, involved in regulating the blood pressure, electrolyte balance and red blood cell production in the body.


In just a day, 50 gallons of blood are filtered through 140 miles of kidney tubes and millions of filters, about four times as much as the amount that passes through any other organ. The blood circulates through 12 times per hour, this organ reabsorbs and redistribute 99% of the blood volume, only 0.1% filtered will become urine.


Now that we know how hard the Kidney has been working every minute of our life, let’s dig deeper into the stages of Kidney damage.


Stage 01: This is the early period of Kidney damage, you just got to know that you officially have this disease and your doctor will try to advise you about how you should control your sugar level, especially if you have Diabetes, you have to keep your blood sugar under control. No symptoms are observed yet, Urea and creatinine levels are normal.



Stage 02: This is the follow up to the Kidney damage failure progress. No symptoms are observed yet, Urea and creatinine levels are normal or mildly elevated. This is still the monitoring stage.


Stage 03: The functions of Kidney are slowly depleting, they start to work much slower. Symptoms will occur and may include tiredness, poor appetite and itching. Anaemia may begin to occur. You will now try to ration the disease and treatment options available.


Stage 04: Kidney damage is now more severe, such poor function that the kidneys are barely able to keep the person alive. Symptoms that occur will be tiredness, poor appetite and itching will get worse. For now, you have to start planning about dialysis or possible transplantation.

Stage 05: This is the end-stage. The kidneys are not working well enough to keep the victim alive. Symptoms include poor sleeping at night, difficulty breathing, itching and frequent vomiting. Do take note that this stage is fatal.


Kidney damage is contributed a lot from Diabetes and High Blood pressure. You have to ensure that your diabetic levels are in control. It’s better to prevent the causes rather than controlling the disease itself.


Health Seed Lifestyle wants the best for all of you, with this we recommend that you should take supplements like Jus Sunnah and Jus Slim to support your Kidney health.

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